Transferring photos from old mac to new mac

How to move your content to a new Mac

Deauthorize any activated tethered software that you have installed e. Reboot the old Mac and hold down the T key at startup. You can also use File Sharing over the local network to connect the two machines; turn on File Sharing on the old Mac, access it via ethernet or WiFi on the new Mac, then mount the entire hard disk rather than just the home folder on the desktop as a remote server.

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If the system once ran Mac OS 9 or earlier some data may exist in a top level Documents folder or other custom directories. Moving the user data may take a considerable amount of time, especially if there are lots of pictures, music or movie files involved. If not everything is required some pruning here can definitely speed up the process.

Back Up Your iPhoto Library

Whatever Apple software programs are on the destination machine are the best to start with; just move the non-Apple software, then use Software Update to patch your system as needed. This is usually best practice even when running Migration Assistant.

Connect the computers to each other

The key remaining components of a successful migration are Preferences and Application Support files. There are several locations where these items are stored. You can always copy it later if needed. The following items are in the User Library inside your Home Folder e.

Also copy any preferences for the following Apple apps: Move all items to the same locations on the new Mac as on the old. Once everything is copied restart the new Mac, then launch each application to make sure it works and verify your user data is present.

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You will need to reauthorize any activated tethered software upon first launch — you should have an activation waiting online from the deauthorize process you performed before the migration. You will also need to authorize iTunes to play any protected music or video files purchased through the iTunes Store. Some applications, particularly complex professional software with multiple components Adobe, Quark, etc.

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  7. If not, reinstall the application from your original disks or downloaded installers. You will need to re-enter the passwords for some applications and web sites after performing a manual migration. The keychain file where these items are stored was deliberately not moved in this process to prevent possible account corruption. That's for how to move iPhoto library to a new location or a new Mac.


    If you unfortunately lost some important photos during the transfer, you can use Any Data Recovery for Mac. This app is a complete Mac data recovery solutions to recover all types of files from Mac's hard drive, including recovering photo on Mac , and also from other portable devices like USB flash drive, external hard drive, SD card, iPhone.

    Mac Tips. How do you move your iPhoto library to another location? Here are the steps to create a new iPhoto library: Quit iPhoto. Hold down the Option key as you open iPhoto. In the window that appears, click Create New. Type a name and choose a location to store the new photo library.

    How to transfer files to a new Mac using Migration Assistant

    Click Save. To switch between photo libraries: Select the library you want to switch to. Click Choose. If you want to move photos from one library to another, use this steps: Export the photos from the active library.

    Moving Photos Library to a New Mac | MacRumors Forums

    This action doesn't delete the photos from the library. Switch to the library you want to add them to. Import the photos into the new library. First, quit iPhoto.

    Transfer Files from Mac to Mac

    In the Finder, choose your home folder it's usually named after you. Open the Pictures folder in the home folder to locate the iPhoto Library file. For moving iPhoto library to a new location: Drag the iPhoto Library file to a new location on your computer. But the process doesn't stop here. You have to tell iPhoto the new location of the library.

    Open iPhoto.