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Start Keychain Access by using one of the following methods: Select the Finder application, click Utilities on the Go menu, and then double-click Keychain Access. Outlook for mac To transfer Entourage profiles to Outlook for Mac , import profiles data into Outlook first, and then import Outlook profile data to Outlook for Mac See these articles for more information: Import information into Outlook for Mac and Import email messages, contacts, and other items into Outlook for Mac. Consumers igh-speed data service to consumers. Bootable usb iso windows.

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Type "cmd" to bring up the command prompt. Record your MAC Address for each device.

How to Install a Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem Without the CD-ROM | It Still Works

There will be one or more devices listed depending upon the number of connections you have, such as Ethernet port, modem port, or wireless port. Each of these will have a field listed as Physical Address, consisting of six, two number of letter segments. For example: This can be accomplished in many ways depending on your distribution. Type ifconfig -a. Machintosh owners Open System Preferences and select "Network".

haxorware in SB5101

Choose your interface such as ethernet or wireless in the "Show" box. Find the MAC address.

SB5101: Locating the MAC Address

For the wireless, it will be under the Airport tab as Airport ID. If you are running Windows Go to Start Run or hit the Windows key and the letter "R" simultaneously on your keyboard and type cmd. Look at the description to help determine which one it is you need. Broadband provided by Local Cable operator Modem: Motorola SBi Connection type: Dell inspiron15 Laptop Location There is a configuration facility included with the modem that you should be able to access to help troubleshoot the connection.

How to setup a SB5101 Surfboard Modem

When operating normally it is the IP address of the HFC interface that is used for diagnostic access to the modem. However the IP address associated with the Ethernet interface is always available to the client side network, unless it has been disabled by management command. This means that a PC on the client side can access the WEB pages within the modem using the reserved address In the case of a problem that prevents the modem from completing its registration, the modem can still give an IP address to the client PC to enable diagnostics access.

This address is given with a very short lease around 10 seconds so that as soon as the registration does complete the client PC obtains its proper IP address from the core network DHCP server. Can't get on to internet? Have checked forums and followed suggestions none work todate. Laptop and broadband wireless modem works fine without You may need to clone your MAC address, a unique address is for each device connected to a network.

So when you hook up a new router to share the connection, you run into the problem you have. Cloning the MAC address in the router sets it to the same address as the device connected to its number 1 wired port. Since you didn't give the brand and model of your router I can't give you specific steps or links to follow for the process. But it's typically very simple. From the computer originally used to set up your modem, access the router's setup pages. On the appropriate page, pick "clone MAC address" from a menu or click on a button.

A good starting point is always the router manufacturer's site, where there is probably already an answer in their support FAQ section. Once the router MAC address has been cloned, you should have your Internet access back and will be able to use the wireless access. Once the MAC address in t. They claim it is a good working modem.

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I was I would look around for a better deal anyway. I dont know of any ISP that charges you for the rental of a modem. I am in the UK, and every internet service provider gives you the modem and usually a wireless router free with the package. To make this work with multiple computers you'll need a router that can do MAC address cloning, i.

The MAC address is unique and set at the factory for each ethernet card so it's not something you can or should attempt to change.

If you were able to change the MAC address on the second computer to match the first you would break your network rather than fix the problem. It is also possible that you are using fixed ip addresses and simply need to configure the NIC on the new computer. If you check the IP v4 settings for the old computer and they have an explicit address for the card then this is is the issue.

If so, simply configure the new computer to match the old computer but make sure the last of the four numbers in the ip address is something between 1 and that does not match the first computer or the gateway address.