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Criteria for the Best Email App

Outlook maintains the same familiar design that hasn't changed much over the last decade, which is why it may feel a bit stagnant in the UI department. There are many new features to get stuck into though. Focused Inbox is one such trick: It separates your inbox into two tabs, placing all the email that Outlook perceives as important on the Focused tab. Twitter-like mentions let you tag people, with Outlook automatically adding their email addresses in the "To:" field, which can come in handy if you're often adding coworkers to emails.

You can even use customizable two-finger swipes to cut through your email. Like most Microsoft Office-branded products, Outlook includes excellent support for mail templates. Use Microsoft's included templates or design your own so you can roll them out time and time again.

And many of the modern email features that have emerged over the past few years haven't escaped Microsoft's gaze either: follow-up reminders, delayed sending, email scheduling, and support for SVG graphics, to name a few. Outlook delivers all of these mail features, plus a calendar, chat, task manager, and note-taking. You can even create Office groups right in Outlook now.

If you take an "everything including the kitchen sink" approach to email, Outlook is the client for you. It includes the ability to group accounts together into custom unified inboxes, tabbed email, a focus mode for hiding unimportant email, and the ability to quickly post mail content directly to other services like Dropbox, Trello, and Instagram. It's a good alternative to Outlook in that it takes a full-featured approach to email management, with plenty of bells, whistles, and filters to boot.

MailMate isn't like any of the other apps on this list. It's a niche product aimed at users who want things done their way. The big difference is that MailMate loses the rich text editors seen in competing apps, opting instead for a plaintext composer for crafting your messages in Markdown, HTML, or plaintext instead. But the differences don't stop there. For one, MailMate excels in its keyboard-friendliness, allowing users to navigate virtually the entire app without taking their fingers off the keyboard.

It also offers "bundles," extensions that allow you to expand the app's functionality via the Command menu, even adding support for using external editors when composing messages.

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First, enable the appropriate bundle, then compose a new mail message and head to, e. When you save the file in Atom, the contents will appear in the compose window of MailMate. Beyond these quirky niche features, MailMate is an aggressively simple mail application. Its three-pane view is reminiscent of Outlook or Thunderbird, with mailboxes on the left, messages up top, and message body down below. It has smart mailboxes but lacks modern comforts like the ability to snooze mail, natural language processing, or threaded conversations. MailMate is a very specific tool, for a very specific audience.

If you prefer a roll-your-own approach to email, MailMate might be it. Mailplane is a desktop email application for Gmail users note: the project is not affiliated with Google. The app enhances the existing Gmail web interface, and as a result, won't work with other services like iCloud or Outlook. It uses a tabbed interface one tab for each account inbox and each account calendar to keep your various email and calendar accounts close at hand. One of the app's best features is called Search Everywhere. It lets you search all of your connected inboxes at once, a real time-saver for users with multiple accounts.

A handy menu bar notifier sits at the top of your screen to show you your unread count, and provides quick access to recently received messages, the email composer, and Do Not Disturb mode, which mutes incoming notifications and, uniquely, hides your unread count. Head to the app preferences to enable all manner of extensions to improve your Gmail experience. This includes productivity tweaks like Boomerang for Gmail send later, track messages , FullContact for Gmail learn more about the people you are conversing with , and Right Inbox for Gmail schedule mail to be sent later and create recurring emails.

Restoring Cox Email Settings in Mail for Mac OS X El Capitan

All this, plus all the goodies Google packs into the web version like chat support, keyboard shortcuts, and industry-leading spam protection. Built exclusively for the Microsoft mail ecosystem, Hiri is a smart mail app designed for Exchange, Office , Outlook. Like Mailplane does for Gmail above, Hiri won't work with non-Microsoft mail services. But while Mailplane is built on top of Gmail's front-end, Hiri is a completely separate app that does away with webmail entirely. The svelte design keeps things minimal by only displaying what you currently need to see on screen.

Navigation is performed via a collapsed vertical menu to the left, and there is no Outlook-like array of controls and filters at the top of the screen.

MacMail — Configuring email with Mac OS X

Hiri hides distractions, so you can focus on a unified inbox that displays messages from all of your connected accounts. Hiri also includes a task manager that lives on the right of your inbox, with drag-and-drop support for turning email into to-dos. Most of the magic happens in the Skills Center, which is where you can turn on some of Hiri's best features. Other useful extensions include one-click task list creation and the ability to delegate emails by hovering and clicking the delegate icon.

Delegating an email adds a note next to that message in your inbox with a custom description and the recipient's name, and adds the task to your Sent list in the task manager. Hiri is a solid alternative to Outlook, particularly for users that find Microsoft's flagship mail app confusing and unnecessarily feature-rich. Which email client you choose will be largely driven by personal reasons. For many of us, Apple Mail does the job. Ars Technica. Retrieved February 11, Daring Fireball. Retrieved July 21, Gawker Media. A Mac Mail client fluttering aimlessly with little originality".

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The Verge. PC Magazine. We need e-mail clients, please".

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Boing Boing. N1 works with hundreds of email providers, such as Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, and others. It works perfectly with Mac, Windows, and Linux. N1 dubs itself as the email client for everybody, and with its compatibility and customizability, anybody should be able to make N1 fit his or her needs. It also allows you to add unlimited email accounts to a unified inbox, powerfully search through archived messages, and much more.

The 9 Best Email Clients for Mac

Take some time to learn even about that email client that looks best for you and decide if it will help you achieve your goals, whether it be talking to friends, family, or nurturing a newly collected lead. Collect valuable leads that will grow your business. Take a moment to try Leadboxer, for free.

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Nurturing Leads With the Right Desktop Mail Client Email is arguable one of the most important aspects of a great lead generation engine because it allows you to have personal interactions with potential clients instantaneously, while managing existing relationships efficiently. Inky get it Inky talks about itself as being an alternative to Outlook. Mail Pilot get it Mail Pilot is an email client that was designed with an intense focus on productivity. Unibox get it Unibox is a radically different take on email. Thunderbird get it Thunderbird is made by Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox browser.