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Because of the way OS X's graphical system works, the icons on your desktop take up a lot more of your resources than you may realize:. A family member owns a Mac, and he was complaining it was getting slow - especially the Desktop.

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He had a lot of files on the Desktop, but none of them were visible on the Desktop itself, but only in a Finder window displaying the contents of the Desktop. The Desktop only showed two icons: the main hard disk, and a Time Machine hard disk.

How to Hide or Remove Icons from Your Mac Desktop: 3 Methods Explained

The Desktop itself was very slow, and often displayed a beachball. In my case, way too long.

Make a change by right-clicking the desktop, then select Change Desktop Background. You can choose from dozens of images in the Desktop Pictures folder, or pick one of your own snapshots from the Photos section, or even get a Mac wallpaper app like Wallpaper Wizard 2 with high quality HD wallpapers and backgrounds. If you like, you can also set your desktop wallpaper to change itself every day, once an hour, or even every five minutes.


This is a handy way of freeing up some hard disk space and lightening the load on your OS at the same time. Just be sure you are keeping the online versions and not deleting both the local and cloud-based copies of your files at the same time—each service has instructions on how to do this.

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Recent Posts. If you prefer to do it with an easier method, you can make use of an app to accomplish the task.

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HiddenMe is such an app that lets you easily hide and unhide icons on the desktop on your Mac. The app sits in the menu bar. Skip to content.