Format hard drive mac os x 10.5.8

With Mac OS X In open source and some other areas this is referred to as AppleFSCompression.

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Compressed data may be stored in either an extended attribute or the resource fork. This addition to the operating system in no way changed the logical structure of the file system. Apple's logical volume manager is known as Core Storage and its encryption at the volume level can apply to file systems other than HFS Plus. With appropriate hardware, both encryption and decryption should be transparent.

These sectors are then grouped together into allocation blocks which can contain one or more sectors; the number of allocation blocks depends on the total size of the volume. HFS Plus's system greatly improves space utilization on larger disks as a result. All allocation blocks in the HFS volume which contain the embedded volume are mapped out of the HFS allocation file as bad blocks. There are nine structures that make up a typical HFS Plus volume: [2].

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It was also designed when Mac used big-endian processors such as the Motorola series and PowerPC processors, rather than the little-endian Intel x86 processors used by current Macs, so all file system metadata are stored on disk in big-endian format. As a result, on current Macs, all metadata must be byte-swapped when read into or written from memory.

How to Format a Hard Drive in OSX Leopard

According to the online documentation free version [29] or the paid edition [30] , both the free edition and the paid edition currently support Linux kernels from 2. The volume can be located either on a physical disk, in various Apple disk image and sparse disk image formats , or a raw file system dump. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved Apple Developer Connection.

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Reformat old Mac hard drive on osx… - Apple Community

Apple Inc. You should get an external hard drive to back up your Mac ASAP — it is the most important thing you can do and I would never do without it.

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  8. Almost any external USB drive will do. Get one that is a decent size.

    Trying to erase a hard drive running 10.5.8

    Check your Mac to see how much data you have. If you have, say, GB of data on your drive, then get one that is 1TB at least. You want to have double your stored data as a good rule of thumb. Check Amazon or your favorite site for USB drives and see what is on sale now or getting really goo reviews. Hi thanks Gary for coming back to me.

    I am finding that a lot of hard drives are not compatible for this OS Do you know of any off hand that would be compatible for iMAC Most, if not all drives sold retail should work fine with OS X, even old Try running Disk Utility and then re-formatting the drive as Mac format. Time Machine should do that for you, but you are running a very old version of OS X, so perhaps not for you.

    Then use Time Machine in System Preferences to back it up. I have a time machine that I have always used for backup. I have one network, but it has a 2.