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I can put together a quick 'how-to' and post back here if there is interest from soup to nuts. I'll just thread dump here if that's cool for now.

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RyC Active Member. Joined: Oct 17, Messages: Likes Received: Run the unlocker script, reboot, create the VM and boot with ISO, use Disk Utility to format the hard drive part of the installer , and that's pretty much it. RyC , Apr 6, Kal G Active Member. Joined: Oct 29, Messages: Likes Received: Kal G , Apr 6, TeeJayHoward Active Member. Joined: Feb 12, Messages: Likes Received: Be aware that this violates both VMWare and Apple's terms of service.

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If you're running on Apple hardware for the ESXi host, no cracks are needed. If not Questionable legality. I'm of the opinion that OS X doesn't virtualize well.

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That being said, I learned a lot about how OSX works trying to sort out said quirks. TeeJayHoward , Apr 6, Keljian Active Member.

Run OSX Server (10.7, 8 and 9) on VMWare ESXi

Joined: Sep 9, Messages: Likes Received: I don't trust the security of said cracks. But I am weird like that. Keljian , Apr 6, Joined: Aug 16, Messages: Likes Received: I barely touch the VM anymore but for the last year or so I've been able to connect whenever I need it.

Step 2: Download and create the bootable OS X Sierra ISO

Joined: Jul 14, Messages: Likes Received: Tested out the theory for educational purposes.. GuybrushThreepwood Member. Joined: Aug 2, Messages: 70 Likes Received: Anyone tried with this? GuybrushThreepwood , Oct 2, If there is a need for more than a single license of the OS X Server app, the best place to purchase is via the Apple Store.

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OS X Server 3. If more than 20 licenses are bought at a time, an email with one redemption code is received, and rights granted to run a specified number of OS X Server is provided. Disable all screensavers. And the screensaver does not have any purpose in a VM. The easiest way to disable this is by running the following command in Terminal on the OS X system:. Disable all energy saving settings, so that the OS X inside the VM does not try to put the virtual harddisks to sleep, sleep the display or sleep the OS.

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