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Second, and more obvious, if you close either of the two windows a big, huge warning should pop up in the other:. If you see that warning STOP doing anything, and get the other window back open. This is a subject that's usually glazed over, but it's important to know how to navigate around both of these windows.

To move around within an editor window, a mouse with a scroll wheel comes in very handy. You can zoom in and out by rotating the wheel forward and backward.

Eagle PCB Download-The Comprehensive Guide and Installation

Pressing the wheel down, and moving the mouse allows you to drag the screen around. If you're stuck without a three-button mouse, you'll have to resort to the view options to move around the editor views. All of these tools are located near the middle of the top toolbar, or under the "View" menu. The zoom in -- -- and zoom out -- -- tools are obviously handy.

So is the "Zoom select" tool -- -- which alters the view to your selection. EAGLE's user interface is highly customizable. Anything from the background color, to layer colors, to key bindings can be modified to fit your preference. Better tailoring your interface can make designing a PCB much easier. On this page we'll talk about how we at SparkFun prefer to customize our UI.

None of these steps are required. Customize your UI as you see fit. These are just the settings that we've grown accustomed to. The first adjustment we always make to the UI is the background color of the board editor. The standard white background doesn't always meld very well with the array of colored layers required for board design. Instead, we usually opt for a black background. There are other options in this box to be explored, but you may want to hold off on adjusting most until you have more experience with the software.

Another UI improvement we like to make in the board editor is turning the grid on. Dimensions and sizes are so important to the design of your PCB, having some visible reminders of size can be very helpful.

Circuit Design Software On Mac - EasyEDA

To turn the grid view on, click the icon near the top-left corner of the board window or go to the "View" menu and select "Grid". Switch the "Display" radio button over to "On". We'll also make the grid a bit less fine by setting the "Size" to mil 0. Scripts are a much more streamlined way to quickly configure your interface.

With one click of the button, you can automatically set up all of your colors and key binds. Script files can also be shared, and run by anyone. First, click here to download the script in a zip folder. Unzip the "spk. Then you'll need to run the script. In the board window click on the Script icon -- or go to "File" then "Execute Script".

In the file browser, select the "spk. This UI setup presents a nice logical view of the layers. The important copper layers are very visible, but distinct red on top, blue on bottom, green for vias , and the silkscreen is white as it is on most PCB designs. That pair of tutorials will explain how to go from a schematic design, to laying out and routing a PCB, to generating gerber files and sending them to a fab house. Forgot your password?

Step 2: DesignSpark PCB

No account? Register one! Need Help? Mountain Time: Chat With Us. Shopping Cart 0 items. This version does NOT need X11 to run, contrary to the developers notes. Now after working a while with it: Rocksolid, easy to use I already knew the PC version , fantastic features for the money. Even the free light version is fully useable for little projects! As far as I can see, everything works fine. Thanks to the people at CadSoft!

PS: On there ftp site they have an English version, too.

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But the German version works for me, too But Features, Ease of Use and Value would get 5 points from me. Wow, that was fast. I emailed Cadsoft about this problem and they answered within 5 minutes with the fix. I did, and now it's all English. Klaus Schmidinger. Note that these files have the same names as the previous ones version number is still 4.

Eagle PCB design software installation(Windows, MAC,Linux) 2017

Sorry for the inconvenience. Jeroen Buurmans. Is there someone who can tell me how to install eagle? I can't get it working on my mac. MacSpice then builds a numerical model of the circuit and analyses this. It provides an enhanced versions of the Spice 3 simulator and the Nutmeg front-end command interpreter for data analysis and plotting.

Installation notes and release notes are published on www. MacSpice has several mechanisms for inter-process communication with other applications and shells. Qucs is a circuit simulator with graphical user interface. The software aims to support all kinds of circuit simulation types, e. Pure digital simulations are also supported. KiCad is a free software suite for electronic design automation EDA. It facilitates the design of schematics for electronic circuits and their conversion to PCB designs.

Tools exist within the package to create a bill of materials, artwork,Gerber files, and 3D views of the PCB and its components.

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  5. Many component libraries are available, and users can add custom components. The custom components can be available on a per-project basis, or installed for use in any project. Configuration files are in well documented plain text, which helps with interfacing to CVS's or SVN, as well as with automated component generation scripts. Up to 32 copper layers are supported.

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    Most professionals,students and hobbyists find Eagle as an good choice for their PCB development needs. Eagle in fact is an enterprise PCB designing software but they are offering a lighter version with limitations compared to enterprise application for free download. Despite this , there are still few commercial circuit design softwares based on Mac. And the above I have recommonded are some of the most popular circuit design software for Mac. Hope you enjoy the practical and wonderful circuit design software. It's easy to understand for those who have little knowledge.

    Personally, I am using iPhone X since last year.