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Mac was the first to recover. I must have the wrong room," said Mac. Don's face fell. No need to figure you'd be here by choice. He should have guessed that Mac wouldn't have had a sudden change of heart. Mac hesitated for a few seconds before saying, "I I should go. I was called here to collect evidence You know I can't stay. It's always the job.

Worth The Risk -- CSI: New York -- Mac/Flack

Nothing comes between you and the job. We need I can't Maybe he could stay for a bit His only hope was to keep moving He threw back the bedclothes and pushed himself to his feet. But he only managed a few steps before his legs gave way and he collapsed to the ground, ripping the I. Post a new comment Error. Mac Taylor Genres: Firestorm Word count: Butterflies by Carina Scott [PG].

Mac Taylor , Other Genres: Established Relationship Warnings: Confessions by Pixie Child [PG].

A little soul bearing over coffee. Post "Murder Sings The Blues". Lindsay Monroe , Sheldon Hawkes Genres: Crossing the Line by Amejisuto [R].

When Mac asked Don out to watch a hockey game, was it a friend thing? Or a date? Spoilers for the episode Rush to Judgment. Don Flack , Mac Taylor Genres: Dancing in the Rain by Carina Scott [R]. He'd always loved the rain, and after the unbearable heat wave that had swamped New York for weeks, he couldn't help basking in the much needed break from the heat. Epitome by RussianPhoenix [PG]. Set at the end of the season 2 finale, Mac Taylor gets Don Flack to squeeze his hand, and the hidden love these two share will be revealed.

OneShot, MacFlack Categories: Episode Related , Romance Warnings: False information by Tiffany F [NC]. Lindsay goes to Mac and tells him something shocking - and implicates Danny. Fangirl by Pixie Child [PG]. Wine, TNG and the day off. Aiden Burn , Stella Bonasera Genres: Drabble , Established Relationship , Romance Warnings: Originally started in July for Kathie's birthday.

Many, many thanks and love to her for the encouragement about this fic, whether it was when I wanted to give up and scream because of writer's block or when I remembered how much I love writing again. And for the title that fits so well after I'd come up with something. And to Mer too, who'd excitement about the series makes me smile and keep writing.

Author's Note 2: This will make more sense if you've read my Fog series. In short: There are alternate universes out there, Don has traveled between them and Mac and Danny know about them. I referenced events through the current season, but this series was started long before Danny and Lindsay got together.

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Didn't happen in this. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Epilogue. Triptych Author: NY Summary: But the reality is at the same time just that easy and yet, extremely complicated. FRAO Word count: Wouldn't exist without the help of the awesome friend that is ginny Fanmix by mybestexcuse. Make sure to leave her a comment for it! One Week. One Week Author: I borrowed with the best of intentions and will return them in one piece with little harm done to them.

One week in their lives. A few weeks ago I asked for prompts for drabbles.

Sunday to Saturday This is a series I had started to write a while back and just recently did this little bunny jump back into my head. So, here it is. Feel free to let me know what you think. I Dream of Genie Pt. FRT for now D Pairing: While working a high priority case, Danny becomes the owner of something very valuable. They're not mine, I'm just playing. I'll give them back when I'm done with them, honest. Home Author: NY Pairing: FRT Warnings: The characters I write about do not belong to me, no harm is meant, neither to the characters nor their creators, who I'm not affiliated with.

Mac's thoughts when coming home after a case took him away from the city for a few weeks. Read the fic here. FRM Disclaimer: Any Fandom, Any Pairing - Prompt! Come and join the fun!!

With A Little Help Author: Yakihngenit Kathie and Ginny Fandom: NY Rating: FRT Genre: Slash Pairing: Definitely not ours, or the whole show would look different. After Jess' death, Don needs help coping Authors Notes: We just couldn't leave our favorite trio alone forever. Everyone needs help sometime Collapse. Yes, you read that right - a big bang with kink! No need to be hardcore, if that's not your cup of tea.

Or maybe it is. Come check us out, poke around, ask questions! Sign-ups are now open!

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Divergence Author: TaylorGibbs Fandom: Charge of this Post. Mac awakens in chained, as a prisoner to some unknown entity.

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Will Danny and Don be able to save him? Any way you want to send it: Author Note: Thanks so much to Ginny for the beta and Zabby for the pre-read. Thanks to meivocis for the graphic and fanmix! Congrats to my fellow CSi Big Bang participants! I hope your ride has been as enjoyable as mine! Prompts should be left anonymously in the prompt post. Prompts may be fulfilled either anonymously or openly. Fulfillments may be fic, graphics, fanmixes, vids, etc. Rushing Thoughts. Macaddamian Nutshells: Rush to Judgment: Rushing Thoughts Author: No one mentioned in here is mine.

I'm just borrowing for a short time and promise to return them in once piece. After they watch hockey. All dialogue is directly from the episode. FRM Warnings: Spoilers for Rush to Judgement, threesome Word Count: