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One of my tools uses netaddr for Python, which seems to be included but is old v0. If we had pip it would be nice and simple to do a "pip install --upgrade netaddr". Among other things. Could we get a version of Python newer than 2. Perhaps 2.

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Has anyone ever seen any tools, scripts, etc. Which would allow you to do the following in some automated fashion: 1 Render a web page incl. Can someone please check to see if ferret is installed on a fresh install of BackTrack 4 R2 please. I had to apt-get to install. Cseven Tags :. This will be a multi-staged tutorial. The purpose is to further explore the tools backtrack has to offer.

The previous GNS3 tutorial demonstrated that cisco hardware platforms could be emulated with software to practice cisco auditing tools. In later stages we will configure SIP and our softphones to register to our router. Similar things could be done with asterisk, but part of this it the intention of going further in the cisco realm and using GNS3 to emulate a router to act as an IPS.

Those tutorials will be later. Asterisk is somewhat out of the scope of this.

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Use the previous GNS3 guide to install gns3, uml-utilities, and configure the networking. I needed to use a certain IOS version and feature set to get this to work properly. I will list this below. I also added Cisco Call Manager Express full gui for the router, and you will need another file for this. I will be including videos covering the steps as well as some of the basics in text. I will assume that for the cisco router configuration the video demonstrations should do fine, and will also post my final config.

Phase one is starting GNS3, and adding a router after you have imported the IOS image you will be using for the given router platform. Next is configuring the hardware. Then add another Fast Ethernet interface just for good measure. Start up the router, wait for it to become idle after booting. This is important as your CPU will be loaded hard if you do not. Then we give our router a hostname, domain name,configure SSH, and clean up our flash. I have included a video of opening GNS3 and beginning these tasks. Phase 1 These here are the cisco commands I ran on the router for phase one.

The web gui isnt strictly needed for the SIP VoIP testing, but it gives you something else to attack, and can be pretty cool to mess around with. Video fpr Phase two Here are the commands I used in the router for phase two.

I like to use twinkle, but there are any number of SIP softphones out there. Two VMs are needed as with one softphone, port is used up on that device.

Here are the commands I used for this phase in the router. I installed bt4r2 days ago and encountered many problems that i nerver met with r1. I have some that has nothing to do with x. Every time i open synaptic many errrors appears. And i can't open software-properties Hope for anyhelp File allegati xreeor.

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I just have my master in IT diploma and I really want to do it in Germany. If you have ideas, or contacts, anywhere in Germany, that's very good for me, so please tell me. My dead line is the next 20 of January, so if you read that message after don't take care. So don't hesitate and send me a message if you can help me. Thank you very much for reading and helping in case of. BT4R2 boots fine, and leaves me with this issue with X. I also have a x resolution screen.

Disabling DRI. EE intel 0 : Failed to allocate framebuffer. Is your VideoRAM set too low? EE intel 0 : Couldn't allocate video memory Does anyone know what is happening here besides the obvious missing modules. Another issue is, when I run "fixvesa", the Lenovo TrackPoint mouse does not work. Everything works perfectly in BT4-Final.

BT4Final - X. II [drm] DRM interface version 1.

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BT4R2 - X. Yesterday i did a fresh install of Backtrack 4 R2, and had issues with the keyboard responsiveness. Its always staying 10 seconds like i have not typed in anything, and then i can see what i have typed. This did not occur in previous versions. If you need more Information, please tell me what command I have to enter : Thank you and best regards, hoinzy Tags :.

Hi all, I am overseas and Alfa are not sold here. Buffalo's website states they have no linux support.

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Emailed Planex and got the same reply. Thanks, Mike. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and Backtrack.

Sadly, that adapter got demolished by siblings, and so I bought a new one. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Chris M. I recently bought an Asus eee pc PEB with the purpose of dual booting the windows 7 starter and backtrack 4 r2 operating systems on it. The purpose of this thread is to add helpful troubleshooting tips I encountered along the way that were not covered in the straightforeward directions found on the new backtrack wiki.

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The route I took to complete the process inolves using the installation tutorials from the backtrack wiki guides for installing backtrack 4 r2 on a usb drive using unetbootin and installing backtrack 4 r2 as a dual boot option alongside windows 7. These guides can be found here: UNetbootin USB Installer Dual Boot BackTrack and Windows 7 After following the first guide to create a bootable USB version of bt 4 r2, it is quite natural to encounter some issues that need to be resolved in order for the computer to detect and boot from the USB instead of the hard drive as it has been accustomed to.

If this is the case, here are some avenues to pursue to alleviate your problem. For my computer, this was more difficult than it should be.