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It has small LCD display and is designed to print photographs with amazing quality.

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This all-in-one printer from Brother was designed to print extremely crisp images and text documents for small businesses. It offers exceptionally fast printing on a reliable network connection. This model measures 19 inches x This Canon printer was built for office settings and features a unique tilting control panel for easy use. It is fairly compact for an all-in-one and should fit nicely on a desk, measuring Because of this, this printer is best used for text documents rather than images.

This all-in-one from Brother was designed with small businesses in mind. It prints monochrome in black and uses laser technology for precise text and graphs. This color inkjet all-in-one printer is ideal for printing vivid and colorful photographs and images. The setup includes copying, scanning, faxing and wireless printing. The OfficeJet Pro measures This all-in-one printer can copy, fax, scan, and print.

It was designed to work efficiently in a small office setting, and works with both wireless and ethernet connections. It measures 19 inches x Are you a student? Do you run a business from your home office? Will the whole family need to connect to this printer?

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Here are a few characteristics to have in mind while making a decision:. Printer size : This printer is probably going to be resting on your desk or somewhere in your office, so making sure that you have enough room to accommodate a specific printer is important. If you want a great deal on a new printer — from any brand — then you'll want to take advantage of the sales that come around the holidays.

If you're in the market for a new all-in-one printer , laser printer or photo printer , you'll also want to watch our Cyber Monday deals coverage. And keep an eye on individual retailers by following our coverage of Amazon Black Friday deals , Walmart Black Friday deals and every retailer in between.

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Consider whether plain-paper documents or photo prints are most important to you. While inkjet printers are not known for printing razor-sharp text on a par with a laser printer, many inkjets these days do a very admirable job that gets close to what a laser printer can produce. For some models, this is particularly true if you are willing to spend the extra money to use high-quality paper.

HP models also delivered consistently high-quality text prints. Less impressive were a couple of Epson models, with one impressive exception: the Epson WF printed sharp text while clocking in the fastest text-document print time among inkjets, earning it Editor's Choice honors.

If you're considering a model with a duplexer for making two-sided prints, make sure that you'll get the same quality as you would with one-sided prints. Canon's TS, for example, printed text lighter when using its duplexer. Epson WF made two-sided prints of text documents that were equally sharp as one-sided prints. If you plan to print PDF documents, know that text as well as graphics quality varies.

Although the HP models were consistently good, the Canon TS printed the sleekest, sharpest letter forms. Both the Envy and OfficeJet printed very detailed and well-saturated graphics, with smooth transitions in photographs. Runners-up include the Epson XP model, which did a better job of retaining midtone transitions than the Canon MG, which tended to produce overly dark shadows. Overall, all of the inkjet all-in-ones we've tested recently make attractive glossy photo prints. But there are subtle differences worth noting.

Epson and HP models skewed toward a warmer print, which you may or may not like. Canon models tended toward a more natural look, though both the TS and MG produced more saturation in deep red shades than other models. The Epson XP made prints with plenty of fine detail and a lot of well-saturated color, but one of our test prints looked a little unnatural, with too much yellow. A few models failed to produce all the fine details in very dark shadow areas of our landscape photo admittedly a little something of a torture test since it's a sunset scene with very dark shadows.

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The Epson XP made prints with shadow areas that looked flat, lacking subtle details, while the Canon TS and HP offered some details in the shadowy areas. Also, some models' glossy prints had a slight cloudiness to them: Prints from the Epson XP and WF looked a little light overall, lacking the "pop" of prints made by the HP Envy and Canon models. However, the XP produced good shadow detail, while the Canon TS produced some blocked-up shadow areas.

HP models performed the best at reproducing color on plain paper, with smooth transitions and lots of fine detail. The HP Envy made some of the best-looking copies. Surprisingly, though, the HP OfficeJet made copies that didn't quite match the fine details and stronger dark shades of the Envy 's copies. You'd think something with "Office" in its name might handle this common workplace task with more aplomb. Also, the OfficeJet's grayscale copies had speckled textures and rough midtone transitions. More disappointing, the quality of black-and-white copies degraded further when using the OfficeJet 's automatic document feeder ADF.

Copies from Canon models had slightly rougher-looking textures than the HP Envy Still, the Canon TS reproduced colors well, though dark areas lost some details. The MG's copies produced banding, and the lack of transitions had a flattening effect. Also, text looked rougher than in the original. Of the Epson models, the XP was the best copy machine: Although its copies were lighter than some others, Epson's all-in-one reproduced smooth transitions in its copies of color graphics.

The other two Epson models, however, reproduced the same graphics too darkly. But testing uncovered a couple quirks in the other two Epson models. The XP sometimes made scans of text to PDF that looked rough around the edges, particularly when the original was slightly askew on the scanner glass. Also, Epson's WF had a hard time creating an attractive scan without first performing a preview scan.

On text documents, Canon, Epson and HP models did not differ greatly. On average, each clocked in at 7.

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The fastest model from each, were the Canon TS 9. Graphics print speeds varied a little more. Epson's 3. The Canon Pixma TS printed graphics at 3. These same three models were tops in the glossy-photo printing department. The Canon TS was fastest, printing a letter-size photo in 1 minute, 54 seconds. When it came to making copies, Canon and Epson set the pace, while HP lagged behind. Epson models made a black-and-white copy in HP units were significantly slower, averaging Canon models were fastest at making a color copy, on average, taking Epson units did so in Results were similar when making high-resolution color scans.

Scanning speeds for black-and-white PDFs did not vary much. The Canon MG was quickest, at 8.