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Built using an updated version of HPL2 engine, the game features stunning visual and environment design, incredible music and audio effects and adapted artificial intelligence. These are all driven by a gut-wrenching, blood-curdling new story, set sixty years after the events of the original game. Frictional Games and Desura have combined forces to scare the pants off you!

Amnesia Collection is now free on PC and contains some of the scariest games ever made

Each game featured here is a first person survival horror all about about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare. These experiences will chill you to the core. Perfect for scaring yourself senseless! Check out the Halloween Jump Scare Video Contest for a chance to win an uberpack of horror games that will give you the chills! No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

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Report any bugs so they might be fixed in this upcoming The Glowworm Lantern is a more realistic retexture of the original amnesia TDD lantern with the machine for pigs hand model, bloodstains, and a purple The final release of my mod. I was aiming this weeks before, but before jumping into SOMA don't forget to check this out ; Installation instructions Installation instructions in the readme!

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Don't forget to rate and comment if possible under this page, not on the main mod's. No files were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Just like with "Penumbra: Requiem", totally different approach to the game. Cannot say liked it or not but definitely it was an experience! The Chinese Room are excellent story-tellers and are adept at creating immersive environments and tying it together with great ambiance and music. However, the Gameplay was somewhat lacking as seems to be the general consensus.

I look forward to future releases! You can't make mods for this game. Although people are making machine for pig mods for the original Amnesia. If someone could port over the maps and features from this game to TDD, then it would be possible to do that. Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community.

Descent into madness

Or sign in with your social account:. I enjoyed this game quite a lot. Latest tweets from frictionalgames.

Not sure if blur effect works on this on… T. Another one of our favourites in best places to play Amnesia in!

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Fit only for the slaughtering of Pigs. Author's review From the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Dear Esther comes a new first-person horrorgame that will drag you to the depths of greed, power and madness. Unique Selling Points Fresh and new approach to the Amnesia world while staying true to its origins.

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